Algebra Foundations for Calculus | Course 3: Graphing

Instructors Katie Kormanik

Course description

Welcome to Algebra Foundations for Calculus | Course 3: Graphing! In this 4-course series, you'll learn the foundational Algebra principles needed to be successful in Calculus.

Course 3 objectives

  • Use knowledge of parent functions to graph equations using reflections and translations
  • Find the domain of functions, especially rational functions
  • Graph complex polynomials and rational functions
  • Use what you know about the domain to graph exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions
Katie Kormanik
Katie Kormanik

Katie is passionate about education and particularly excited about the potential of online learning. She has designed courses for Udacity, Stanford Graduate School of Business, McKinsey Academy, African Leadership University School of Business, and Applied Materials, to name a few. Click here to learn more about how she works with clients. In addition, she has consulted for a number of education non-profits, start-ups, and for-profit companies on product development, curriculum development, pedagogy, and investments in edtech. And of course, she has been an educator in a number of capacities, from tutoring to teaching supplemental college courses, after-school programs, and summer school programs. Her two greatest passions are learning and making learning fun for others.

BS Mathematics, BS Economics (cum laude), University of Utah (2010)
MA International Comparative Education, Stanford University (2011)